Amazon River Cruise

Could you imagine a better way than a cruise to visit Amazonia? Be prepared to live the best experience…


Far from everything, we offer you the exact opposite of mass tourism : A boat just for you and your family or friends. You will share this experience with our 100% native crew. This is our best sale and there is a simple reason: it is the best experience you can imagine here. You leave your hotel in the morning have a few minutes trip, get to Manaus port, and you trip already starts as your boat is waiting for you.


Now you have many activities waiting for you : swimming with the pink dolphins, hiking in the jungle, fishing piranhas, spotting caiman and even spending a night in the heart of the rainforest in a hammock. All our clients come back telling us it is the best experience they could have in Amazonia, and we will make sure it will be the same with you!



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