icone avionAll our trips start from Manaus. The best way to get here is by plane. Many Brazilian companies fly to Manaus :TAM, GOL, AZUL. You can always use the excellent to get the better prices.

icone passeportPapers : Passport for UE residents. Visa for US citizens.
icone argentMoney : Brazilian currency is the “real”. At night ATM only allow 100 reais withdraw.
icone langueLanguage : In Brazil, we speak Portuguese.
icone heureJetlag: Manaus is on the same time zone than New York City in summer.
icone soleilWeather : Very hot and dry. And when it rains… it does rain! Nights on the boat may be chilly. “Dry” season from April to November. From December to March, even more rains!
icone santéVaccine :Yellow fever vaccine is mandatory to travel to Brazil. There is not a lot a malaria where we travel but we recommend to check with your doctor if malaria pills are needed.
icone checkAnd don’t forget! : Hat, linen pants, trekking shoes, long sleeve shirts, swimsuit, shorts, t-shirts, pair of flip-flops, sunglasses, backpack, sunscreen, binoculars, repellant, lantern and a good book!