Heliconia history

Heliconia was founded in 1992 by Thérèse Aubreton and John Harwood in order to offer a wide array of tourist activities for visitors looking for a more authentic experience. Thérèse (along with other partners) was already part of the founding members of the Safari Ecologico Travel Agency in 1983, that possessed the « TUNA » a comfortable regional boat that made its way to the heart of everyone that had the chance to ride it. Heliconia especialized in river tourism, offering tours in a range of different boats ; from smaller commuter boats where one sleeps in a hammock to the larger comfortable ones with more refined amenities such as private cabins and excursion canoes.

The agency has always privileged direct contact with clients ; proposing « a la carte » itineraries based on the desires of the participants and the knowledge of the local guides. Heliconia also selects the best suited jungle lodges for the expectations of the visitors. Working symbiotically with nature and the region’s inhabitants, the Agency promotes a responsible and respectful tourism.

Since 2011, Thérèse was joined by Olivier Jaudoin and by Remy Harbonnier ; who follow the same philosophy of adapting to the needs of our visitors.


 Our Values

– Authenticity

Going far from usual roads to make you get to know rare places. A good trip in Amazon means not accepting mainstream tourism and to prefer uniqueness of some destinations.

– Knowledge

Making sure that you are guided by a natives who know the region like the palm of their hands to make you having the best experience in Amazonia.

– Quality

It doesn’t matters that you are going to spend time at isolated jungle lodges or cruises or even camping in the heart of the jungle; we will make sure you’ll get the best quality accomodation amenities, meals, and services.

– Many options

You would rather go on a cruise or in a jungle lodge? Or Maybe you prefer scientific tourism? Not enough? We are currently working to offer you 100% Amazonian experience by sleeping at local people home…

– Being Safe

To predict the unpredictable and anticipate any logistical problems in order to make your trip very safe and worriless.


About us

Olivier Jaudoin

Olivier is a tree-climber above all. He started to work in forestry, but during a trip in South America in 1999, he fell in love with the Amazonian rainforest and decided to change his life.

He has spent the 15 last years to travel around the Amazon region for different purposes  : helping film-makers and photographers above in the canopy, collecting plants and bugs and organizing trips.  But his main work is to carrie out mission for the INPA (National Institute of Amazonian Research), in particular under the project of protection for the harpy eagle. To make it short, Olivier is an adventurer in love with the Amazon rainforest.

nid_harpieCredit_photo_joao marcos rosa

Rémy Harbonnier

Responsible for the commercial part of the Agency and a tourism expert, Rémy has lived in Manaus since 2010.
After finishing his Masters in Tourism, he decides to dive into ecotourism and participates in the development of tourism activities in the communities in protected zones of Uatuma River. This experience allows him to better understand the jungle, the rivers, and especially the local communities that are often alienated from the tourist activities that surround them.
In 2011 he joins Heliconia willing to dedicate his knowledge and principles of tourism in order to better serve the clients of Heliconia.