The Amazon region

The biggest, the longest, the widest, the Amazon river seems endless and the Amazon rainforest is a wonderful background. 


The Amazon Region is the geographical area surrounding the Amazon river and its tributaries. This vast area includes portions of Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia, Suriname, French Guiana, Guyana and a huge chunk of Brazil.

Many travelers begin their Amazon experience either in Manaus, Brazil, flying in from Rio de Janeiro or other destinations.


Once at the embarkation point, travelers have the option of riverboats, jungle cruises, and lodges or a combination designed to see as much as possible within a few days.

The Amazon is a wonderland for botanists, birders, scientists, ecologists, tourists, anthropologists, archaeologists, gold-seekers, explorers and the curious. Sports enthusiasts enjoy white water kayaking, jungle walks and fishing.

This Region is responsible for 50% of the renovated oxygen on Earth, and its hydrographic basin contains over a thousand rivers and lakes, no less than one fifth of the fresh water reserves on Earth. The Amazon is one of Nature’s favorite shows, filled with the most exuberant flora and fauna known to the human kind: thousands of noble century old trees where nearly 15,000 species of animals live; among them 1,800 bird species, 2,000 kinds of mammals and 1,500 types of fish.

The Amazon will be your wonderland and we will make sure to offer you the best experience in this marvel!





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