Advices to best prepare your trip in the Amazon rainforest 3/3

« How long for a trip in the Amazon rainforest? » « Which advices for a crossing from Belem to Manaus ?», « Which is the best period to visit Amazonia ? » Here are the answers to these questions to best prepare a trip in Amazonia. You can find the first two parts here and here.


7) Take time to be immersed in Amazonia.

Sometimes it happens that clients ask us to stay just 24 or 48 hours in the rainforest. It is such a pity because there is not much time left to become imbued with the unique forest atmosphere and to discover many things. Of course Brazil is a huge country with so many beautiful areas but it is not a good idea to visit Rio, the Minas Gerais, Salvador, Jericoacoara, the Pantanal and the Amazonia in just 15 days. Take time to visit each Brazilian’s area and make choice even if it could be difficult. This is even truer for the Amazon region where you’ll need 4 to 9 days to discover (even more for the great adventurers.) You’ll understand how the rainforest works, you’ll have more opportunities to see all kind of animals, to reach locals and to discover their daily life. Especially, you’ll make the experience of the true Amazonian life, the only one which does not know the hurry.


8) Choose the period according to your needs and desires

“Which is the best season to come to Amazonia?” that is one of the more common question we hear. Here are some possible answers which will help you to choose.

In Amazonia the seasons are different than in the others areas of Brazil. Here, there are two seasons: the rainy season from November to April and the drier one. Don’t worry, there are sunny times during the rainy season and there is refreshing rain during the drier one. The rainforest’s countrysides could change a lot depending on water levels. In October, when the river is very low you could enjoy the beautiful white sandy beaches in the middle of the river and it would be easier to see caimans and dolphins. In April, when the river is higher you will be able to sail throughout the flooded forest and to see monkeys just all over your head while you will be on the boat. All the seasons have their special charm, rain makes the experience different and maybe more mystic.


9) A crossing from Belem to Manaus: only under certain conditions.

A lot of people ask us about this crossing from Belem to Manaus or Manaus to Belem by boat. Some of them could be appreciable but you need to know some important things before doing it. First of all, the length of the journey could be long: 4 or 5 days depending on the direction of the ship’s heading. This experience is better for long time travelers. The comfort is basic and there is no many space to hang your hammock. Moreover, you have to be careful: robbery occur frequently. Boats often sails far away from the shore, so it is possible to see only water all the journey long. Anyway, it could be as well a great human experience if you speak a little bit Portuguese.



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