Advices to best prepare for trip in the Amazon rainforest (2/3)


To be well prepared for your trip it is necessary to get some information about the area. We give you here some useful information to make a safe, authentic and full of emotion trip. You can find the first part here and the last part here.

4) Take the necessary equipment… but without exaggeration either!

It is common to see tourists wearing clothes as if they were ready to face the worse wild life conditions ever! That is not really necessary. Jeans, shorts, light trainers or even flip-flop can be worn. Relaxing moments in the hammock are frequent and it is better to be light-clothed than to suffer from the heat because of warm clothing. However, it is indispensable to have good walking shoes and pants when you will hike through the jungle.

Here is the list of the indispensable things to bring during your trip in Amazonia:

Hat, k-way, canvas pants, walking shoes, light shirt with long sleeves, swimming suit, short, pants, T-shirts,  sandals, sunglasses, pair of binoculars, small bag, solar cream, mosquito repellent, flashlight, and your favorite book for the relaxing moments in your hammock !

You can find this list and other information here.


5) To have reasonable expectation


Some agencies put forward animals like the panther on their publicity. To be honest, you’ll not see any of them, even if you are very lucky. Most of the animal are discrete and the forest is full of secret places where they can be hidden from the inquisitive eyes of the tourists! Even so, Amazonia is probably the area with the flora and fauna the most exuberant and fascinating. If you want to optimize your trip in Amazonia, you should choose the best tourist agency which would place the best guides of the area at your disposal. They will be able to share their experiences and their knowledge of the rainforest and they will help you to see the animals like the monkeys, the pink dolphins, the caimans, and all kind of birds.


Iguane Amazonie


6) Give priority to authenticity and to the respect for the environment


When you are looking for an agency to travel through Amazonia you can be seduced by the one with “eco-something” or “green” in their patronym. It’s a kind of nature tourism because they will all bring you in the rainforest. However, it would be presumptuous to call it “ecotourism in Amazonia” or “green tourism into the lungs of the Earth” as we can see sometimes. As a matter of fact, the basic rules of the respect for the environment and for the locals are not respected. There is very few kind of labelled agency.

In Heliconia, we are looking for having the label of eco-tourism. To achieve that, we are working with local NGOs and with the inhabitants of the communities. We want the trip we propose you to be the most environmentally friendly and that they could help to develop the traditional local communities and their inhabitants.


Forêt Amazonie

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