Advices to best prepare your trip in the Amazon rainforest 1/3

To be well prepared for your trip in Amazonia it is necessary to get some information about the area. We give you here some useful information to make a safe, authentic and full of emotions trip. The other two parts are already available here and here.

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1)      Be up to date with your vaccination

We recommend you to be vaccinated against the yellow fever (10 years validity.) A lot of tourists ask us if it is necessary to have a preventive treatment against malaria. The areas visited by our clients are safe and no one has been yet affected. They are very few cases of malaria in the Heliconia clients’ visited areas. We have never had any clients affected. You can find different opinions about the treatment to take like Lariam or Malarone. It is recommended that you see a doctor before travelling in Amazonia.


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2) Buy your plane ticket in advance

To buy at the last minute a plane ticket for transatlantic flight or for the ones in Brazil could be very expensive. The “Yield Management” done by airline companies to determinate their flights’ rates is unclear for most people. So the prices of the flights to Manaus could be very high. However, you can find good deals to travel in Amazonia if you don’t buy your ticket at the last minute. Begin to monitor the prices 9 months before departure to see the changes. It happens that TAM, GOL, AZUL make interesting promotions for Manaus and other Brazilian cities. It could be interesting as well to check the “airpass” porposed by TAM.



3) Pay attention to misleading agencies and trust accredited ones.

When you arrive to Manaus airport or when you walk in the historical center many people can try to sell you their trip in the jungle. A small majority is reliable. In the best case, the they would offer you a bad quality trip, in the worse cases, your paper and money would disappear ! Choose an agency accredited by tourist guides and the ones you can find in internet. It is not a perfect guarantee of quality but you will be more likely to have a great and safe trip in Amazonia. As it is impossible for travel agency to get listed in tripadvisor, you can see some reviews about Heliconia on our facebook page and even write yours if you have already traveled with us!


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